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This Week in Web: PyCon, Django 1.3, Symfony2

This Week in Web: PyCon, Django 1.3, Symfony2

Symfony2 API Browser, Cheatsheet

The official API browser for Symfony2 can now be accessed at There you can browse look through all namespaces, classes and methods in Symfony2 (documented by PHPdoc comments). The folks at have released a cheatsheet for using Doctrine2 with Symfony2. The cheatsheet contains field information, configuration parameters and examples of relations (ManyToMany, ManyToOne etc.). Download the cheatsheet here (available in many formats).

MEPP – Mac Nginx Percona PHP

MEPP ​​is a set of applications to provide a local web development environment independent of OS X, installs in minutes. MEPP ​​is a similar alternative to LAMP, WAMP or MAMP for OSX

MEPP use nginx as web server and Percona as database server. MEPP ​​is free software and has no relation with any company in charge of the applications you use, in which case each has its own license.

PyCon 2011 Videos Released

Most of the talks given at the recent PyCon were recorded and have now been uploaded onto BlipTV. Below are some of the most popular talks:

Django 1.3 Released

Django 1.3’s focus has mostly been on resolving smaller, long-standing feature requests, but that hasn’t prevented a few fairly significant new features from landing, including:

A framework for writing class-based views.
Built-in support for using Python’s logging facilities.
Contrib support for easy handling of static files.
Django’s testing framework now supports (and ships with a copy of) the unittest2 library.

There’s plenty more, of course; see the coverage of new features below for a full rundown and details.

Wherever possible, of course, new features are introduced in a backwards-compatible manner per our API stability policy policy. As a result of this policy, Django 1.3 begins the deprecation process for some features.

Some changes, unfortunately, are genuinely backwards-incompatible; in most cases these are due to security issues or bugs which simply couldn’t be fixed any other way. Django 1.3 includes a few of these, and descriptions of them – along with the (minor) modifications you’ll need to make to handle them – are documented in the list of backwards-incompatible changes below.

Django 1.3 Cheatsheet

Jacob Kaplan-Moss, co-creator and lead developer of Django, has published a Django 1.3 cheatsheet. The cheatsheet covers parameters, names and defaults for forms, models, template tags, settings, signals and querysets as well as reference material for ModelAdmin and Datetime formatting. This is a great resource for those trying to learn the Django framework but are having a hard time remembering specific names.


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