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This Week in Web – Python, KodApp, jQuery

This Week in Web – Python, KodApp, jQuery

Easy PyGTK For Windows

The PyGTK project has released an all-in-one installer for Windows. This gives people developing PyGTK applications on Windows a quick and easy way to install all required dependencies. The bundle can install the GTK runtime, PyGTK and the Glade GTK GUI Designer. Prior to this developers would need to install each component separately which was often difficult due to version clashes. PyGTK can be used to create cross platform GUI applications using the Python programming language.


KodApp is a new code editor for Mac OSX 10.6+. Although still in early development, creator Rasmus Andersson has done an amazing job of putting together a fast, stylish editor that is sure to challenge the likes of Textmate. The Google Chrome like tabs are achieved through Andersson’s chome-tabs library, which is native Cocoa. KodApp is open source on Github and you can keep up to date with the project with the mailing list.

Common Mistakes as a Python Web Developer

Armin Ronacher, creator of the Flask web framework has published a blog post detailing common mistakes Python web developers commonly make. In the post Ronacher talks about path inclusion vulnerabilities, escaping HTML and monolithic application design (and why it is bad). I found this post to be a great resource as the topics he discusses are Python framework independent and can be present in any large web application.

Building Large Scale jQuery Applications

Although jQuery is an excellent JavaScript library and provides a well-designed set of tools for development, it’s focus on staying compact and making the DOM easy to use has meant that it doesn’t provide a significant infrastructure for building large-scale apps…. In this post we’ll be looking at ways you can put together a toolkit for large-scale jQuery application development by identifying the options you have available at the moment for dependency management, MVC with jQuery, templating, testing, minification and more.

In this blog post Addy Ossmani talks about building large scale client side applications using jQuery. He gives a detailed explanation of the components that you could use in your large jQuery application. For example, in the section on dependency management he talks about the positives and negatives of RequireJS, LabJS, StealJS, JSL and Bootstrap.

Making Code Python2 & Python3 Compatible

Michael Foord (of IronPython fame) has published a blog post detailing his experiences at making his mock module compatible with Python3. What sets it apart from similar blog posts is that the end module is compatible with both Python 2 and 3, there aren’t two separate versions to download. The post looks at 11 separate sections of Python 2 code that needs to be altered to be compatible with Python 3.


var d = new Date();
r = escape(d.getTime()*Math.random());

Posted Luty 11th, 2011 in WEB and PHP Development.

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