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Pinglist – Uptime And Performance Monitoring Done Right

Pinglist – Uptime And Performance Monitoring Done Right

I would like to to introduce a project I have been working on for a better part of last year in my free time. Pinglist is an uptime and performance monitoring platform currently consisting of a web app and a mobile iOS app. Though I am planning to release an Android version this year.

It allows you to set alarms to watch HTTP endpoints. You can view the status of endpoints or websites you are monitoring and receive push notification alerts whenever our platform detects a downtime or other issue. Very useful to keep an eye on your servers anywhere you are.

Pinglist app screenshot


  • Receive push notification alerts to your iPhone
  • View the status of all monitored endpoints or websites
  • View uptime and performance metrics of all endpoints or websites
  • View current and past incidents (outages, slow responses etc)
  • Create teams and manage team members
  • Update your profile

You can see it on Itunes here.

Feel free to try out the app. It should be quite useful for dev ops engineers, sysadmins as well as software engineers working on web services in general.

There is a subscription based model which allows you to define more alarms as well as unlock team management feature. If you buy a startup or business subscription, you can define teams of people who share your subscription limits.

The backend platform is written using Golang and deployed in a completely automated way to AWS using Ansible and Terraform. I am especially proud of clean and robust API design I perfected over a several months which should allow it to scale very nicely.



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Posted Maj 20th, 2016 in Zend and PHP.

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