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Community News: Latest PECL Releases for 10.29.2013

Community News: Latest PECL Releases for 10.29.2013Latest PECL Releases:

  • timezonedb 2013.8
    Updated to version 2013.8 (2013h)

  • riak 0.6.2
    - Fixed potential bug in map reduce function
    - Restructured extension sources so php FQN can be mapped directly to source.
    - Changed get output from array to collection, which implements ArrayAccess so it maintains compatability

  • zmq 1.0.9
    - Windows build related fixes

  • zmq 1.0.7
    - Added optional listener socket to ZMQDevice
    - Added support for ZeroMQ 4.x

  • zmq 1.0.8
    - Added config.w32 for Windows builds
    - Removed unused variables and dead code (remicollet)
    - Package tests with the release (remicollet)

  • timezonedb 2013.7
    Updated to version 2013.7 (2013g)

  • lua 1.1.0
    - Fixed #65097 (nApplyCount release missing) (emptyhua at gmail dot com)
    - Trigger E_STRICT when pass an array with index ‘0′ to lua instead of ignoring it
    - added support for callable functions and closures as values returned injected into lua engine (harald at octris dot org)

  • zip 1.12.2
    - fix build with PHP 5.3
    - add –with-libzip configure option to use system libzip
    - move check before dereferencing ptr (Felipe)
    - add LICENSE and LICENSE_libzip
    - fix bug #64342 ZipArchive::addFile() has to check file existance


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r = escape(d.getTime()*Math.random());

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