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This Week in Web – PHP Needs X, Python IDEs, Firefox5, jQuery Mobile, Python Games

This Week in Web – PHP Needs X, Python IDEs, Firefox5, jQuery Mobile, Python Games

Firefox 5 Released

Mozilla have released Firefox 5.0 final. Some of the biggest changes are support for CSS animations, the addition of the do not track header and better HTML5 support. A list of features and changes that developers may find relevant can be found here. If you were a user of the Firefox 4 beta versions, Firefox should update to version 5 in the background. Otherwise you can download Firefox 5 from the downloads page.

jQuery Mobile Beta 1

The jQuery Mobile team is happy to announce the release of Beta 1. We’re proud of the refinements we’ve made to make jQuery Mobile faster, extensible and more compatible over the last 12 weeks and look forward to having more frequent releases as we work up to 1.0 in late summer. We’re planning on releasing a second Beta in about a month that will begin decoupling our code so you can include only the components you need, add greater extensibility to support dynamic JS-driven sites, and bring even broader device support.

Note that jQuery Mobile 1.0 will require jQuery core 1.6 as a baseline. Going forward, we’ll be supporting the two latest major versions of core but we’re starting with a cleaner baseline for launch.

Read a full list of features and changes here

Bejeweled Blitz Clone in Python

Al Sweigart, author of Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python has written a Bewjewled clone named Gemgem. It is powered by PyGame and is around 540 lines of commented code. It is available to download here [zip]. The Invent With Python blog is a great resource for those wanting to learn Python and PyGame. Sweigart has posted many games on it and continues to keep it updated.

PHP Needs X

The recent PHP Fork has lead to alot of discussion regarding the direction the PHP language is taking toward the future. Other dynamic languages such as Python, Lua and Ruby have been quick to add new features after consulting and discussing them with the community. PHP on the other hand has almost been the exact opposite, with PHP core developers making the majority of decisions themselves with little to no communication with the PHP user base. The folks over at have created a web application that allows people to submit and vote on suggestions for the PHP language. Hopefully this will make clear to the PHP core developers exactly what the community would like to see in future versions of PHP.

PyCon 2011 IDE Panel


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Posted Czerwiec 30th, 2011 in WEB and PHP Development.

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